Acting on Behalf of Employers: Creating a Company Profile

Tawnya -

It's possible that an employer not already in Handshake is needed for an Event, Career Fair registration, job posting, or Interview Schedule, you'd like to handle this on the company's behalf. In this situation, Career Services users have permission to create a company profile on behalf of the employer. 

To do this, you'll need to take the following steps (make sure to take note of the last key step!): 

1. Click on Employers under Relationships on the left of Handshake: 



2. Click on Find Employer in the top right:



3. From this page, click on the tab Create an Employer:



4. Fill in the text fields appropriately for the employer: 

Recommended workflows: 

-for Employers that do not have a dedicated website, a LinkedIn/Yelp/Facebook type of page dedicated to their business will suffice for this field

-for Employers that do not have a corporate domain and are using a generic email address, you can enter in the business name followed by .com, such as "". If you run into any issues with this field, please reach out to our Support Team for assistance!

 *Please note: while "Email domain" is not marked with an asterisk, this is a required field. 


*Duns number is not required, but this field is now included in the Employers Explore in Insights 



*When adding the Location, please select the best address option from the list of suggestions. If the exact street address isn't available, you're welcome to just use the city and state! 



5. When you're finished, click Create Employer in the lower right corner. 



The last and KEY step in this process - Once the company has been created successfully, you'll need to set the desired permissions and approve the company profile at your school: 



Feel free to add company logos and branding images as well! 


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