Re-Subscribe to Handshake Emails

Tawnya -

Are you missing a test email? Missing notifications or other expected Handshake emails? If these emails aren't being filtered out to a different folder (such as junk/spam), then it's likely your email has been unsubscribed from Handshake emails. 

To resume receiving these emails, you will need to reach out to our Support Team to request that the suppression be removed from the account. 

You are welcome to contact us on behalf of a student that's unsubscribed as well. When you are reaching out on behalf of a student, you will need to include their express permission along with your request in order for the suppression to be removed. 


*Not sure how you were unsubscribed from our emails? Typically, we see this happen if you have forwarded a Handshake email to someone else, and a recipient of that message clicks on "Unsubscribe". Since the original message was sent to 'you', the unsubscribe links to your email address, not the forwarding recipient. 

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