How Faculty Can Use Handshake

Tawnya -

  1. Student accounts (Recommended Approach)

    • Pros

      • They can see exactly what students can see

      • They can find jobs that are relevant to their students

      • They can’t change any settings at the school level

    • Cons

      • They could apply to jobs / RSVP for events when they shouldn’t be able to

  2. Employer accounts connected to the university employer profile

    • Pros:

      • Faculty can post on campus jobs and interact with students like an employer would

      • Faculty manage their own profiles

    • Cons:

      • Faculty won't be able to manage students and perform other admin roles

      • The experience is different than what a student may experience, which will make it hard for them to show students what Handshake is like, and why they should use it

  3. Admin / Career Services accounts

    • Pros:

      • Faculty have access to any roles you would like them to have: manage experiences, manage students, view jobs posted , create appointments with students

      • They can curate content (e.g. apply labels to job postings to share with their students)

      • They can send mass emails

    • Cons:

      • You will have to manage a large number of staff in the staff management page, and the product currently doesn't provide a way to quickly organize or filter staff accounts

      • They will have read / write access which means they could have access to data and account settings that shouldn't be edited.

  4. Mentor Accounts

    • Pros:

      • Faculty manage their own accounts

      • Students can search for them based on expertise that you create in the system

      • Faculty can create relationships with students

    • Cons:

      • Faculty can communicate with students on an individual basis only

      • Faculty won’t see any jobs that are posted for their students

      • Faculty won’t see anything like what students will see (making it hard for them to show students Handshake) - this is a core workflow that faculty usually want so it’s a big negative

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