How to Flag an Employer

Rob Midson -

If you suspect an employer is undergoing suspicious or fraudulent activity towards your staff or your students through Handshake, you have the ability to alert other career services by flagging the employer. Employers will not see that they have been flagged.

To flag an employer:

  1. Click Employers on the left side navigation bar
  2. Click on the Flagged Employers tab in the top right corner, where you will be directed to a list of employers who have been flagged in the past by career services.
  3. Select the Flag an Employer tab in the top right corner again, and provide the name of the employer and the reason for the flag.
  4. If you select This Company is Suspicious or This Company is Spamming my Employers the flag will be sent to the Handshake Support team to review and take action on.
    • If you select This Company is Suspicious, you'll also be able to designate a specific user to associate with the flag.
  5. Click the green Create Employer Flag when you are finished

You can also flag an employer from their page in Handshake:

  1. Click Employers
  2. Search for the employer you are interested in flagging
  3. Scroll down and click Flag this Employer 
  4. Click the green Create Employer Flag when you are finished
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