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The Labels page within your School Settings allows you to create new labels as well as manage existing labels. 

For best practices using labels, please refer to Handshake's Guide to Using Labels.


Navigating to the label management page

1. Click on your name in the upper-right corner of Handshake, then click on School Settings from the dropdown. 

2. Click on Labels from the menu on the left of the page. 


3. You will now see the Labels management page.



Using the label management page

Create a new label by clicking the green button Create New Label, located toward the top middle of the page, and filling out the appropriate fields: 

  • Label name (this is the name that will be shown on the items and in reporting)
  • Used for (this is the type of items the label will be applied to)
  • Type
    • Normal labels: Only visible to the staff at your school
    • Public labels: Visible by career services staff and students



You can filter the labels that appear by using the search field or the filters directly below search: 

  • Used For 
  • Label Type
  • Created By
  • Ranges (count of items label is applied to)
  • Other (include Archived labels)



Once you've filtered as desired, you can sort the displayed labels by clicking on any of the column heading names: 

  • Name
  • Count
  • Used For
  • Created by First
  • Created by Last
  • Type



To edit an existing label, click on the three hashmarks to the far right in the label row, then click Edit Label: 



On the pop-up that appears, you can adjust the following attributes:

  • label name
  • used for
  • label type (public or normal)
  • Archived (check to archive the label) 
    • Note: this will not remove the label from any labeled items, however, the archived label will no longer appear in label filters or reporting.



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