How do I register for a career fair?

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Are you new to Handshake and need to register for a career fair? If so, follow these steps:

Click here if you already have a Handshake account 

Click here if you need to register for a Handshake account  

Active Handshake Account

  1. Click on the link that you received to register for the career fair
  2. You will see a page like this:
  3. Click Log in to an existing Handshake account
  4. You will be taken to the login page where you can login to your account (If you are having trouble remembering your password, select Forgot Password)
  5. Once you login you will be taken to the career fair registration page
  6. Click Register
  7. Select a division (Learn more about divisions here: Divisions) and a booth option
    • Note: Booth options are configured in the career fair setup section​
  8. Add any extra items by clicking Add an Item and selecting the item you would like from the li
  9. Choose representatives count and the representative names who will be attending. If the representatives do not have accounts in Handshake and have not been added to your contact list add them from this page by selecting Create it here
  10. Choose the form of payment you would like, Manual or Credit card are usually the forms of payment offered
  11. Once your registration is approved you will have the option to pay for the career fair by credit card
  12. Select the candidates you are looking for at the career fair
  13. Click on major groups to indicate which groups of students you are hoping to speak with
  14. Answer any additional questions from the career center and click Create Registration when you your registration is complete
  15. Check in on your status to make sure you get your payments in on time and are aware of all the important dates!
  16. Click Create Registration
  17. The career services office will need to approve your registration but you can view your registration at any time and leave comments for the career services office with questions about status.
  18. View this article to see how to search for career fairs and view your registration: How to search for a career fair
  19. You will know you have successfully registered if you see the View Registration option on the career fair instead of Register
Note: If you need to edit your career fair registration you will need to reach out to the career services center. 


Need a Handshake Account

  1. Click on the link that you received to register for the career fair
  2. You will see a page like this:
  3. Click Employer
  4. Follow the instructions in How to create a user account and if your company is not yet using Handshake, view How to create a company profile
  5. Once you have confirmed your account follow the instructions above (Steps 5 through 11) to complete your career fair registration. If you need to get back to the registration form  you can view: How to search for a career fair
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