How to Send an Invoice

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You have employers registered and approved for your upcoming career fair - congratulations! Ready to invoice them? This article will tell you how.

*To learn how to create a new career fair read How to Create a Career Fair.

*To learn the difference between automatic and manual fair invoice creation read About Invoice After Approving.

Note:  If your fair is set to automatically create invoices, the “New Invoice” window will pop as soon as you approve an employer’s registration (skip to step 5 below).  If your fair is set to manually create invoices (or if you chose not to send an automatically generated invoice during registration approval), you’ll need to create a new invoice (follow all steps below).

To create and send an invoice:

  1. Click Fairs on the left hand navigation bar.
  2. From the list of fairs your school has created, click the fair for which you want to send an invoice
  3. On the fair’s Overview page, click the green "View Employers" box on the left:

At this point there are two ways for you to manually send an invoice:

Click the menu icon associated with the employer, located to the far right of the screen. A drop-down menu will appear, click $ View/Create Invoice A New Invoice pop-up will appear on your screen



Click on the employer to open into the employer Overview page. Under Actionsclick View/Create Invoices. A new Invoice pop-up will appear on your screen.

  • Fill out the "Create New Invoice" screen.
  • Choose your invoice recipients (if you’d like to send a “test invoice”, choose only yourself - you’ll be able to resend the invoice to the employer later).
  • The Invoice Number and Amount form fields are auto-generated and can not be modified.  The invoice amount is calculated based on the pricing your school defined when creating the fair and the fair options the employer selected. If you need to change the invoice amount for some reason, you should edit the career fair registration and add a discount or add any extra items to help adjust the amount due.  Then regenerate the invoice.
  • The subject auto-generates based on the employer’s name and the fair’s name. You’re welcome to change it if desired.
  • The Custom Message is populated with the message defined when the fair was created. You can change the message just for this employer here on the invoice form. Or you can change the message all future invoices will include by editing the fair’s details.
  • When you finish filling out the New Invoice, Click the Finish and Send button. Invoice recipients will be sent an email, which includes the invoice. A sample invoice is provided below.
The payment status associated with the employer will reflect that an invoice has been sent.

After an invoice is sent you will have the option to view it using the same steps above. You will see an option to download and resend invoices from this page.  

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