What is a label?

Rob Midson -

Labels are tags that your career services office can apply to data in Handshake to help you classify and organize that data. You can search using labels in the Jobs, Internships, Employers, Events and Interviews sections in Handshake. 

To search for a job with a label your career center has applied: 

  1. Click on the Jobs section in Handshake 
  2. Scroll down to the labels filter on the left navigation bar
  3. Click View All or use the hamburger icon to see all of the labels your career center has applied to jobs
  4. In this example, as a student I am searching for jobs that my career center has indicated as Approved for Internship Credit
  5. The list of jobs on the right side of the screen will update with the correct jobs

To view a label on your student profile: 
  1. Go to your profile by clicking View my profile
  2. View public labels on your profile located in the labels section
  3. You may need certain labels to register for certain events so check here to make sure you have the correct labels! 
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