School Settings: Career Services Staff Roles and Permissions

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The staff section of the school settings will display all of your staff and the roles that they have in Handshake. 
  1. Click your Name in the upper right hand corner, then click School Settings
  2. Click Staff Management on the left side of the screen
  3. From this page you can manage your existing staff members and add new career services staff

Employer Relations Role Recommendations
Applications, Career Fairs, Employer Approvals, Events, Interview Schedules, Jobs, Launch Check-in, Manage Appointments (if have an advising schedule), Manage Students, Mass Emails, Reports, Rooms, Surveys, Upload Attachments, View as Student

Career Counseling Role Recommendations
Applications, Articles, Career Fairs, Events, Experiences, Jobs, Launch Check-in, Manage All Appointments, Manage Own Appointments, Manage Students, Mass Emails
, Reports, Rooms, Surveys, Upload attachments, View as Student, View Shared Notes.

Systems Admin Role Recommendations
All roles (Adding External Feeds, Manage Labels, Manage Staff, Pins)


Administrative Assistant 
Career Fairs, Events, Interview Schedules, Launch Kiosk, Manage All Appointments, Manage Students, Reports, Rooms


Student Employees
Events, Jobs, Launch Check-In Kiosk, Manage All Appointments (if scheduling for staff), Manage Own Appointments, Mass Emails, Rooms

IT Specialist 
Manage SSO Settings, External Feeds (if IT needs to edit or modify original feed/filters in any way), Manage Students (if IT needs to verify data syncs are updating accounts properly/as intended)


All roles in Handshake will allow you to

  • View student documents and profiles
  • Send students messages
  • View own notes and add notes to student accounts
  • View articles
  • View events
  • View jobs
  • View career fairs
  • View employer accounts
  • Create contacts 

The actions that can be performed with each additional role that is added to a school staff members account are listed below:

Applications: The “Applications” role grants permission to do all actions off of the “Applications” tab, including signing up students for interviews, accepting them for interviews, extending job offers, and downloading resumes.

Articles: The “Articles” role grants permission to add articles to the Resource Library in Handshake.

Career Fairs: The “Career Fairs” role grants access to all the features of the “Career Fairs” tab. It allows users to create career fairs and all of the booth options and career fair options. They can also view, edit, and create employer registrations, and manage their invoices and whether they’re marked as “paid” or not. This does not mean that they have access to financial information; only a school owner can sign up with the Stripe online payment service.

Employer Approvals: The “Employer Approvals” role allows users to create employers, approve them, and/or edit their roles at your school. All school staff members can edit and update employers once they’ve been approved.

Events: The “Events” role allows school staff members to post, approve, delete, and edit events. All school staff users can view attendee lists for events and open check-in kiosks. Only users with the “Mass Emails” role can send mass emails to event attendees.

Experiences: The “Experiences” role allows school staff members to manage and send approvals for student Experience submissions.

Explore Insights: The "Explore Insights" role allows school staff members to access the Explore Insights feature, Handshake's built in reporting functionality.

External Feeds: The “External feeds” role allows school staff members to create new external feeds in the school settings.

First Destination Surveys: The “First Destination Surveys” role allows school staff members to create new First Destination Surveys and manage/report on previously sent surveys.  

Handshake Point of Contact: This role is for team members to receive key communications from our team, which may include major updates, requests for input, or calls to action. Example emails include product updates, email campaign announcements, webinar timelines, and event invitations. 

Interview Schedules: The “Interview Schedules” role allows school staff members to use the features of the “Interview Schedules” tab. This includes creating, editing, and approving interviews. They can also assign students to interviews and put both students and recruiters into interview time slots.

Jobs: The “Jobs” role allows school staff members to use the features of the “Jobs” tab. This includes the ability to view, approve, decline, edit, and post jobs. Edits to a job only affect the version of the job posted at your school. Employers retain control over the original job, which can be posted to many schools.

Launch Check-in Kiosk: The “Launch the check in kiosk” role allows school staff member to launch the appointment, event, career fair, interview schedule or general check in kiosk. *Please note: in order to launch the check-in kiosk for each of the above modules in Handshake, the user must also have the corresponding role for each module (career fairs, events, manage own/all appointments, interview schedules, etc).

Manage All Appointments: Manage all staff members appointments, update school settings for appointment types, preferences and categories, view shared notes.

Manage Labels: The "Manage Labels" role allows school staff members to create new labels.

Manage Own Appointments: The "Manage Own Appointments" role allows user to manage only their own appointments.

Manage Payment Preferences: The "Manage Payment Preferences" role allows users to have access to the Payment Preferences section in School Settings. This is where staff members can set up credit card payments.

Manage School Settings: The "Manage School Settings" role gives access to manage any information on the Details tab in School Settings. When this permission is unchecked and users click on "School Settings" or "Edit" from the school page, they will see an error that states "You don’t have permission to edit school details. Please contact your local administrator if you need to do so." 

Manage SSO Settings: The "Manage SSO Settings" role provides access to edit/manage the self-service single sign on configuration page for your school, located under school settings. This is often granted to an IT point of contact and should be used with caution.

Manage Staff: The "Manage Staff" role allows users to change the roles of other staff members at the university.

Manage Students: The "Manage Students" role allows users to add new students and perform document review.

  • As a subset of Manage Students, we are happy to introduce two new granular roles:
    • Sensitive Student Data Privileges: In order to see sensitive data and edit sensitive fields, this role will need to be selected. Disabling this role will remove all sensitive data from view. This restricts the ability to edit student's personal information and view any filters/fields that include Documents that aren't marked as public, GPA, Work Authorization, personal information (such as email address, username, card id), Student Record, Visa status, Veteran status, and Calendar. 
    • View Student Labels: In order to manage and view student labels, this role will need to be selected. Without this role enabled, users will not have access to view/add student labels or see student label filters in searches.

Managing Feature Preferences: For team members to be notified about product updates and key email campaigns. Manages toggles on new adoption features. We recommend that these individuals also have the "Handshake Point of Contact" permission.

Mass Emails: The "Mass Emails" role allows users to create new mass emails and review mass emails that have been sent.

Pins: The "Pins" role allows school staff to create new pins and manage existing pins from the school settings.

Reports: The “Reports” role allows staff members to access all the features of the “Reports” tab. This allows them to view, create, edit, download, and export reports. It is required for viewing any reports. Reports can be downloaded, saved as an Excel file, and given to anybody.

Rooms: The “Rooms” role allows staff members to access all the features of the “Rooms” tab. This includes adding buildings, adding rooms, editing buildings and rooms, and checking room schedules. Users without this role cannot use the “Rooms” tab.

Surveys: This role allows staff members to access the “Surveys” tab. This means they can create and distribute surveys, and review their results. This role is needed to do anything with surveys. Since surveys are used to create many custom fields for Handshake, it may be prudent to give this role to users who are also involved with events, career fairs, interviews, and other such roles that use surveys to customize forms. This role is also needed in order for staff members to take any staff surveys in Handshake. For example, if a post appointment survey is attached to an appointment they will need the Surveys role in order to complete it.

Upload Attachments: This role allows staff members to upload attachments to the school’s document library and to jobs, events, and interviews.

View as Student: This role allows staff members to view the site as a student. This is a very powerful role, because while this happens the staff member is effectively logged into the student’s profile. Everything they do while viewing as that student is actually done by that student on Handshake.

View Shared Notes: This role allows school staff member to view notes added to student profiles by other Handshake staff members. *Please note: in order to view notes associated with Appointments, users will need the "Manage All Appointments" permission.

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