How do I search for students and download public resumes?

Hilary Dudek -

To search for students at universities that you are connected with: 

  1. Click Students on the left-hand navigation bar
  2. Select the criteria for your search on the left side of the screen

We have seen the best results by searching for: 
  • Major groups
  • Skills 
  • Organizations
  • Keywords (Examples: Student interests, programming languages, awards)
  • School year 
  • Schools 

If you have a trust score of 80 or higher, you also have the option to download student resumes:
  1. Click on individual student names, or on the uppermost checkbox to select the entire page of results. Checking even one student will cause bulk action options to appear. You can select the entirety of your search results, message students, and download their resumes. Under More Actions you can also add or remove a label on these students, or download their resumes in a zip file.  
  2. Click Download Resumes or Download Resumes: Zip depending upon your preference
  3. A window will pop up.  Click Confirm to proceed with the download
  4. A window will appear when your results are ready.  Click the link to view your results. Note: For employers there is a 50 student limit and for career services there is a 500 student limit on public document downloads
  5. You will then be sent a download of student resumes


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