Download a Student Resume Book

Tawnya -

Follow the steps below to create a student resume book!

1. Click on Manage Students from the left menu column, then use the available filters to identify the desired list of students. 

Note: We recommend using the "has public resume" filter, to ensure that you are only pulling students that will have a resume available for download!



2. Put a check next to the students you'd like to include in the download. Once you've checked one student, you can use the bulk action Select All to check all listed students. 

Note: There is a 500 student limit per download on public document downloads.



3. Click the bulk action More, then click the preferred download resume (PDF or ZIP file). 



4. You will see a prompt to confirm the selected action. Click Confirm to proceed. 


You'll see that your download is building. This may take a few minutes to complete, depending on how many students were selected. If you close out of the pop-up, the download link will be emailed to you as well. 


If you remain on the screen, you'll see the link appear to download the file. 


The selected file type will be downloaded to your computer. Resume downloads will include a cover page that includes the students name, email address, school, school year and major sorted by student last name. 







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