How to Log into Handshake Mobile

Tawnya -

You can log into Handshake on your mobile device using the steps below!


1. In the app store for either iOS or Android, search for Handshake, and then download it. There is no charge to download this app!


2. Open up the app, and enter your school email address connected to your Handshake account and tap Continue



3. This will send a unique code to the email address associated with your Handshake account. Check your email to grab the code!



4. Copy and paste the code into the field, and tap Continue. You'll then be taken through the on-boarding process, and into your Handshake account!





Note: There is not an option to log out of the app at this time. If you do need to log out, you can delete the app and reinstall it. When you open it after the reinstall, you'll be prompted to log in again. 

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Benjamin Robertson

This does not work. I have tried over 20x and I never receive a passcode in my school email

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    Cameron Mohammadi

    I have tried to receive a temporary passcode for my school email but it says my email is invalid, but that makes no sense because that same email already has an entire Handhsake account already set up.

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    Jason VanOrsdol

    Absurd. Worthless Stresser.

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    Makiyia Harvey

    I’ve had the app on my phone with no prior issues. But for some reason I was logged out of the app. These steps DO NOT WORK. I don’t receive a temporary password but I get other emails from Handshake. Also it makes no sense why I can’t just log in considering that I can access the website without any issues. These steps are a complete waste of time.

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