Appointment Availability Troubleshooting

Tawnya -

If you've set up your appointments in School Settings, yet you are unable to view all or some of your appointment categories when you switch to your student account, you may not have your school year added to your student account.            

 Here's how to troubleshoot why the appointment category isn't showing up when viewing as your student account. 

First, viewing as Career Services, look at the qualifications on the appointment type associated with that category. You can do this by going to School Settings, and then Appointment Types. 


The next step is to see if there are any qualifications set on the Appointment Type(s) associated with the Appointment Categories that you're not able to see as a student. Select Edit on an appointment type, and the check the qualifications. 


In the above example, only Juniors and Seniors are able to view and request Resume Reviews as an appointment type. 

Now that you've seen that there are qualifications on the Appointment Types you're not able to view, you can check your own student account to see if you have a school year set. 

So, still viewing as Career Services, view your student account, by going to Manage Students and searching your name. Once you are viewing your student profile, click the Account tab to look to see if you have a school year set on your student account. If you don't, you can then set one.

Now, because you are one of the school years allowed to see this type/category, you should now be able to see the category when you view as your student account and select Create New Appointment.

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