Appointments System Setup Checklist and Testing Guide

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This guide will help your office configure appointments in Handshake. Use this to test the workflows involved in everything from scheduling to managing appointments. Be sure to click on the Help Center links displayed within this article for further explanation and guidance!

Step 1: Configure your Appointment School Settings in Handshake

Create your Appointment Categories

  • Appointment Categories are ways to organize which appointment types are available for students to choose from, making it easier for the student to schedule the appropriate appointment. Click here for more information and guidance on Appointment Categories.

To get to your appointment categories in Handshake, navigate to "School Settings" > "Appointment Categories"

Best Practice: Categorize appointments by college, career center or subject area and standardize your categories. We highly recommend having a standard naming convention across campus to reduce confusion.

Create Your Appointment Types

  • Appointment types are comprehensive lists of the kind of appointments that can be scheduled for your office, i.e resume checks, mock interviews, career planning, etc. You can define which groups of students will see certain appointment types. Click here for more information and guidance on Appointment types.

To get to your appointment categories in Handshake, navigate to "School Settings" > "Appointment Types"

Best Practice: If you have multiple career centers, add the location in the name of the appointment type. This way students will see the location in reminder emails. It may make sense to duplicate appointment types for this purpose - that’s ok!

Best Practice: If you want standardized information when students are scheduling or staff members are running appointments, configure your pre-appointment, post-appointment, and staff member survey in your appointment type set-up.

Best Practice:  If you are no longer using an appointment type, you can archive that type and maintain your historical data for reporting purposes.  To archive an appointment type click "edit" on the type > then click the up arrow next to “cancel” > lastly click "archive"


Create Your Appointment Mediums

  • Appointment mediums are the options for how you will conduct your appointments. These may include: Face to face, phone call, video call, etc.

Click here for more information and guidance on Appointment mediums.

Best Practice: Add the location of meeting in the medium if you are having an in person appointment, for example. “In person - Career Center, Fisher Hall”  This appointment medium is included in the reminder emails that are sent 24 hours and 1 hour prior to the appointment.medium.png


Configure Your Appointment Preferences

  • Configure different appointment related settings like auto-approval, request timeframe and permission labels.  For more details on how to configure these settings, please see the article linked out above. Click here for more information and guidance on Appointment preferences.

Best Practice: If you need to exclude a subset of students from accessing appointments altogether, talk to your IT team about importing a label called “no appointments” (or something similar) onto those student profiles. You can then use that label to set a restriction on the Appointment Preferences page.  


Set your maximum open appointments

  • The maximum open appointment setting is the maximum number of concurrent appointment requests a student may have at once.  This setting is found in your School Settings > “Details” tab.


Set your Appointment Cancellation Timeframe

  • The appointment cancellation time frame allows your to specify the period of time in which a student can cancel their appointment prior to the appointment start time. This setting is found in your School Settings > “Details” tab.


Step 2: Have each Career Center Staff Member Configure their own Appointment User Settings

Add Appointment Types

  • Choose the types of appointments that students will be able to schedule with you by clicking the green “Add” button.  Students will only be able to schedule these types of appointment with you. Click here for more information and guidance on adding appointment types.



 Add Appointment Blocks

  • Choose blocks of time so that students will be able to schedule appointments with you. Don't forget to update your appointment time blocks for the Fall! Within each block you can designate specific appointment types that you offer. Students will not be able to schedule an appointment with you until you set up available appointment blocks. Click here for more information and guidance on adding appointment blocks  Note: If a block is made available for drop-ins, the appointment block will not be available for scheduled appointments

Best Practice: Sync your calendar with two-way calendar sync. Keep in mind this will block unavailability. Events in your external calendar that are “busy” will pull into Handshake, and your scheduled Handshake appointments will pull into your external calendar.  Check with your IT team to find out what server you are on.


Step: 3 Think you’re ready? Run through these tests to make sure!

  Ensure the correct appointment categories and types are visible to students

  1. Navigate to a student’s profile and click “View As This User” in the actions section
  2. Go to Career Center > Appointments and click “New Appointment”  
  3. Verify that the correct categories and types are visible to that student 

Best Practice: If you have qualifications set on your appointment types, repeat this process with multiple students of varying qualifications and for each appointment type


 Sign up for an appointment as a student and approve it as a career services user

  1. Request an appointment with your test student account.  Navigate to Career Center > "Appointments" > “Schedule a New Appointment"
  2. Switch back to your career services view
  3. Navigate to the appointments page and choose to approve the appointment


 Launch the check-in kiosk and check-in for your appointment as a student

  1. Navigate to your appointment tab and click “Check-in Kiosk”
  2. Select your office location, career center, and if you allow drop in appointments.

*Note: if you do not click “allow drop-in appointment” students will only be able to check in for scheduled appointments.

Important:Please note that choosing "Keep me logged in" will allow students checking in to have access to your account. Proceed with caution if you decide to choose this option.

     3. Enter the email address or username of the student you are testing

     4. Select the scheduled appointment


 Start and complete the scheduled appointment

  1. Click “Appointments” tab > “Manage” > Click on the row pertaining to the appointment that you want to start.
  2. To start the appointment click “Appointment Started”
  3. To complete the appointment click “Complete Appointment”

Important: This step is critical to ensure post-appointment surveys are sent, and reports on appointments are accurate




Check-in for a drop-in appointment as a student

  1. Launch your check-in kiosk and select “Allow Drop-In Appointments”
  2. Check-in as a student and select the drop-in option

 Start a drop-in appointment from the waiting room

  1. Navigate to the waiting room as a career services user, “Appointments” > “Waiting Room”
  2. Click “Start Appointment”
  3. Verify information about the appointment and click “Create”



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