Appointments Troubleshooting Guide

Tawnya -

This flowchart can help you iron out any issues you may be experiencing while attempting to book an Appointment, or while a Student is attempting to book an Appointment.



If you've completed those troubleshooting steps and are still running into issues, please submit a ticket to our Support Team with the following information:

  1. The particular student who is scheduling the appointment (double checking they have permission to access appointments, and their profile details)
  2. The specific Appointment Type and Category the student is scheduling (double checking to make sure the type is connected to the category)
  3. The student requirements set on the Appointment Type (double checking that the student meets these requirements)
  4. The time the student is requesting the Appointment (double checking that a staff member has added it to their available appointment blocks)
  5. The staff member (if applicable) who the appointment is with


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