Completing Appointments in Bulk

Tawnya -

We are excited to announce that our University Product Team has revamped the Manage Appointments page, and along with this comes the ability to complete appointments in bulk! 

To bulk complete appointments, click on Appointments from the left menu column in Handshake: 



On this page, put a check next to each of the appointments that you wish to mark as completed. Select the bulk action Mark Complete above the list of appointments toward the right: 



A pop-up will appear asking to confirm the completion.  Note that the appointments quick download report is now accessible next to the "Mark Complete" option.  Click "Download CSV" to download details on the appointments you've selected.

If the number listed is correct, select Confirm:





  1. What if I bulk complete an appointment that has not been started yet? Will the post appointment surveys still be sent? 
    1. Yes, if the appointment type has a post appointment survey attached then the student will be sent the email to complete that survey when you bulk complete the appointment. 
  2. Where is the appointments quick download? 
    1. The appointments quick download is now located within the bulk actions. After selecting appointments you'd like to include, click Download CSV to download your report!
    2. mceclip0.png 





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