How to Duplicate a Job Posting

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To duplicate your job, follow these steps:  

  • Click Jobs in the left-hand navigation bar.
  • Click directly on the name of the job you'd like to duplicate 


  • This will take you to this job's overview page. From here, click Duplicate Job towards the top of the page. 

  • This will immediately and automatically create a brand new copy of this job posting. All information about this job will be preserved, except for schools and applicants, which will allow you a clean slate to edit and post this job to schools. 
    • Please note: if the original job was connected to an interview schedule, that link is not preserved. If you'd like an interview schedule linked to the new job, you will need to request a new schedule.


We strongly recommend reviewing the copied job before you post it. Some key areas to review are:

  • Title: We recommend updating the title before posting it. 
  • Schools: Make sure to add schools to post this job to. You can do this on the Schools tab when editing the job. Note: You will only be able to select schools where your company has been approved. If you’d like to post the job to an unapproved school, learn how to request approval here.
    • Troubleshooting Tip: If you are not seeing a school here that has approved you, make sure they have given your company the role to post jobs at their University. Learn more about Employer roles at Schools here
  • Apply Start Date & Apply End Date: Review the default dates that your job is set to open / expire, and update them if needed.

When you have reviewed this posting, added schools, and updated the dates, click on Save to save and post the job. 

Note: if you are not ready to post this duplicated job yet, you can skip adding schools, and click on the Save button on the bottom right of your screen. Students will not be able to apply for this job until it is posted to their school. You can locate this saved job any time under the Not Posted section of your Jobs page. 




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