About Appointment Notification Timelines

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When are students notified about an upcoming scheduled appointment?
Students receive 2 notifications:
  • One notification 24 hrs before the appointment
  • One notification 1 hour before the appointment
When will students be prompted to complete a pre-appointment survey?
They will be prompted to complete the pre-appointment survey while they are scheduling the appointment (only if there is a custom survey set in the appointment type)

When will CS be notified regarding appointments?
This will depend on their notification preferences (NOTE this is a random screenshot, not the default preferences). They can choose to receive either email or in-Handshake notifications on any of the following:

How are notifications sent for Drop-In appointments?
CS will only receive notifications if they have the waiting room open (usually we recommend in another window) and if they have one of these options checked in their Notification Preferences:

Students will not receive a notification, as they are usually checking into a kiosk at the time of the drop-in appointment.
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