How Job Collections are Generated

Tawnya -

Handshake offers students various job collections on their dashboard as well as on their job search page. Below are listed our different types of collections, and how we generated these collections. 
  • Editorital collections (“Jobs in cities with X”)
    • Lists of cities/employers were handpicked for each collection based on information from the following sources:
      • DiversityInc
      • Business Insider
      • NewsWeek
      • USAToday
      • Forbes
      • TheMuse
      • and many more!
  • “Popular in Your Major”
    • Shows the jobs that are disproportionately popular among students from a given major within a school. Generally, these jobs will be distinct from those in “Trending at your school,” which contains the most popular jobs overall.
    • A job is also given a boost in these collections if the employer lists the given major as a qualification/preference for the job.
    • If students have more than one major listed, these jobs will be based on either the primary major, or the first major listed if no primary is designated. 
  • “Recommended for you”
    • We track all students’ recent interactions (views, favorites, downvotes, and applications) with all jobs and use this interaction history to simultaneously identify groups of similar jobs and students.
    • We use these similarity “mappings” to recommend new jobs to students based on their browsing/application history.
    • Note that we do not use any information from students’ profiles here (or from job profiles for that matter); the job recommendations are based solely on behavioral data.
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