Setting Up Students to Agree to Your Terms of Service

Tawnya -

We currently do not have a way to completely block students from accessing Handshake without agreeing to an additional terms of service for your office, but we have a few options that you might want to consider:
Survey with completion label
  1. Create a survey
  2. Mark the survey as required - this will push it to the top of the student's dashboard when they log in
  3. Create a label - perhaps something like "reviewed ToS"
  4. Add that as a completion label to the survey- this will mark any student who takes the survey with that label
  5. After a period of time, you can then filter on the label in the Manage Students tab using the "not label" filter and send a targeted email to students who have not yet agreed to the your school-specific policy
Resource article
  1. Add the information in a resource article
  2. Pin the resource article to the student dashboard - this will display in the "suggested by your school" section in the student view
External disclosure
  1. If you have a dedicated portion of your school website pointing to the Handshake login or any "about" information we always recommend adding this information there, too!
You can also point to any of our student Help Center articles, including:
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