Targeted Email: Creating and Sending

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To create a Targeted Email (new Mass Email tool) please follow these instructions: 


  1. Switch to the Targeted Email view using the Enable button in the Targeted Email banner, learn more about how to switch to the Targeted Email tool here
  2. Choose a Layout, a previously sent email or a Handshake Template!
    • You’ll be able to customize this email in the next step
    • First_Step.png
  3. Enter an Email Name
  4. Click Next
  5. Edit the content of the email, descriptions of the different content elements are included below
  6. Click Next
  7. Choose your student or contact recipients
    • Note: At least one filter must be selected on this page
  8. Click Next
  9. Finalize email details
    • Campaign Name
    • Email Subject
      • Note: use students and contacts first name to increase open rates!
    • Send Date
    • From Name
    • Reply To
    • Carbon Copy
      • Note: this will only send you one copy of the email
  10. Send email! 
  11. Review analytics


Primary Color

  • This will set the button and Handshake Content icon color in your email
    • Note: use your school Hex code here to create consistency!

Basic Content

  • Text
    • Use the text content to add basic text to the email
    • Note: Add variables to the email to make it personal, Preferred Name will use a student's preferred name or first name if they don't have a preferred name set
  • Heading
  • Image
    • Note: use the cropping tool when adding a banner to change the height of the image
  • Button - Great for Surveys! 
  • Spacer/Divider

Handshake Content

  • Career Fair
    • Select an approved career fair
    • Handshake will add the following fields to the email:
      • Fair Name
      • Date
      • Location
      • Register button
      • See Details button
  • Event
    • Select an approved event
    • Handshake will add the following event fields to the email:
      • Name
      • Date
      • Location
      • Register button
      • See Details button
  • Job
    • Select an approved job
    • Handshake will add the following job details to the email:
      • Title
      • Employer name
      • Job Type
      • Employment Type
      • Location
      • Expiration Date
  • Job Role
    • Select a job role
    • Handshake will add a description of the job role and a link to that page to the Targeted Email
    • mceclip0.png



  • Files that will be attached to the email, most file types will be accepted but we recommend that you attach PDFs


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