Career Fairs: Upload a Booth Map

Tawnya -

If you'd like to upload a booth map to your Career Fair, follow the steps below! 

1. From your Career Fair overview page, select Edit in the top right corner: 



2. Scroll down to the section for Career Fair Sessions. You'll see the Booth Map option under "Session End" date. Select the button Choose File to upload an image. 


3. Once you've uploaded the image, select Update Career fair in the lower right corner to save changes.  



I just uploaded an image and it saved, so why does the booth map say "no file chosen"? The booth maps uploaded are not viewable within the Edit tab; you will only see the file name listed prior to saving your changes. To confirm if a map is uploaded successfully, you can switch to a student view and view the Maps tab on the fair.

Can I delete a booth map once it's uploaded? No, booth maps cannot be deleted. We recommend to replace the image with the desired map. If you do not intend to have an image, please reach out to our Support Team to escalate a deletion request. 

How do I change the image? Upload a new image to the desired session and when you choose Update Career Fair, it will replace the existing image for that session. 

What types of images can be uploaded? Standard image file formats can be uploaded (JPEG, PNG, TIF, GIF). 

My booth map is in a PDF, how do I upload it? You'll need to save the booth map as one of the supported file types listed above, then upload that compatible file. 

Where do students see the map? When on Handshake's desktop version, students will see a Map tab on the fair. When they select that tab, they will see a list of sessions and maps for each displayed on the screen. When on mobile, students can tab on the Map tab for the fair, then tap on the desired session to view the map. 


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