How to View Comments on a Job Posting

Claira -

If you receive a notification that someone has posted a comment on one of your job postings, you may view it and reply by following these steps!

  • First, go to the job posting by clicking on the Jobs tab in the left hand navigation bar

  • From here, click directly on the name of the job selecting the job you wish to view the comments for.

  • You can also get there by clicking on the hyper-link to the posting from your notifications.

  • This will take you directly to this job's overview page. From here, you'll be able to see a list of schools where the job is currently posted.

  • Towards the middle of this page, you will be able to see under Comment Count which postings have comments from Career Services Centers. 

  • From here, click directly on the comment and this will bring up a window where you will be able to view any comments made and respond in the text box. 

  • Type your response within the "add a comment..." text box and when finished, Click Add Comment to add your comment and the Career Services Staff at that school will be notified. 

  • Click on Close to close out this window

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