Best Practices: Non-Degree Seeking Students

Tawnya -

If your school has some non-degree seeking students that you'd like to have access to Handshake, below are some tips for easily identifying these students and managing data.

These tips can help you ensure that your reporting on degree seeking students is as accurate as possible, while helping you target the right demographic for on-campus activities via qualifications/requirements. 

To identify or exclude these students from impacting degree seeking data, you could:

  • Set them to alumni: if you do not include alumni in your reporting data, this is a good way to ensure that the numbers to not have an impact. 
  • Apply a label: this provides the most flexibility in reporting and identifying students via filters
    • This also allows you a variety of options for setting requirements and qualifications via labels, as well as increased visibility into reporting data. 

To manage student data: 

  • If the students are included in Importer, you can leave school year blank, you just need to keep header in the import file. 
  • If you want to ensure these student aren't impacted by Importer jobs, you can manually exclude relevant students from the sync.
    • to do this, you'll need to visit their profile, click the Account tab, then check the box for Exclude from Automatic Syncs and save your changes.
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