How to Build a Segment

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Segments are a filtered down group of students. You'll need to have a Segment built in order to write and send a Campaign, which is the message you'll send to these students, typically in regards to a job posting or event. 

  • Begin by clicking on Segments from the left hand navigation bar
  • This will take you to the Segments page, where you may see a list of all live segments created by other staff members. 

  • Segment Columns
  • Name: The Name of the Segment
  • Date Created: The date the Segment was created
  • Count: The number of students within the Segment
  • Schools: How many schools are included in the Segment
  • Owner: The creator/owner of that Segment 
  • Icons
    • Envelope: Create Campaign directly from that Segment
    • Pencil: Edit Segment
    • Paper: Duplicate Segment 
    • Trash Bin: Archive Segment 

  • From here, click Create Segment in the right hand corner to build your own.  


  • From here, you can build a segment using the different filters present. While you add more filters, you will see a dynamic query being built on the right side of the page.

  • Segments are fluid, meaning students can move in and out of segments as their profiles change. For example, if a student’s major or school year changes on their Handshake profile, and it no longer matches your segment criteria, they will fall out of that segment.


  • Once you have built your Segment, you'll want to give the Segment a name, and then click on Save Segment. Both of these can be located in the top right corner of your screen: 


  • After saving, you will be taken directly back to the Segments overview page. Your new Segment will be saved at the top. You may also use the search box on this page to locate your Segment. 



For an in-depth overview on Segments & Campaigns, check out our video tutorials below! 




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