How to Edit Your Company Profile

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Important Note: This is only something the Owner of the company profile can do. 

If you're the Owner of your company's profile on Handshake, you can easily edit the company's information at any time by following these steps: 

  • From any page in Handshake, click on your name in the right hand corner and select Company Settings 
  • You can also get there by clicking on Company Profile in the left hand navigation bar and clicking on Edit towards the right of this page

  • This will take you directly into your Company's Details page, where you can edit any of the information pertaining to your Company's profile.
  • Once you have made your changes, click on Update Employer at the bottom of the page to save. 

  • Please note that any information you edit here will also reflect across all users connected to your company profile. 

  • Pro Tip: If uploading/editing your company's logo or banner, wait about ~30 seconds to ensure your photo was fully uploaded before clicking on Update Employer. 



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