How to Set Up Handshake Login Credentials (if you're unable to use Single Sign On)

Hilary -

If you are experiencing difficulties with your school's single sign on or if you no longer have access to single sign on, you are still able to log into Handshake. 

Most likely, you currently log into Handshake using your school's Single Sign On, but if for some reason you are unable to, you can log into Handshake using your email address and Handshake password. This Handshake password is completely separate from your University Single Sign On password, and used for Handshake purposes only. 

You may already know your Handshake password or you may have forgotten it, or you may never have set one at all. No matter, it's a simple process to get it set up!

1. Go to

2. Enter your email

3. Click Continue

4. Click on Log in using Email and Password

5. Select Set your password (note: it may also give you the option to click on Forgot Password)

6. Follow the instructions sent to your email





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