How to Manually Add an Applicant to an Interview Schedule

Tawnya -

This article will walk you through the process of adding an applicant to an interview schedule. You must have an approved interview schedule at a school prior to adding any students. Please see the following article for help on posting an interview schedule to a school.

To Manually add an Applicant: 

  • Click Interviews on the left hand menu bar and click directly on the name of the interview schedule you would like to add a student to

  •  Add an Applicant under the Actions bar towards the left side of the page

  • This will populate a window. From here, Select the Student and Job Applied For from the respective drop down menus. Then select any relevant documents and click Apply.

  • This will add this applicant to your Interview.  

  • You can review and manage any newly added applicants by clicking on Review Applicants towards the middle of the Interview's Details page. 

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