How to Edit Your Interview Schedule

Tawnya -

You can make edits to your on-campus interview schedule, even once it has been approved by the school. The only portion that cannot be altered is the timeline.

Important Note: If you need to make edits to your interview dates, room numbers, or slot schedule, please reach out directly to career services at that school. 

To Make Edits:

  • Click Interviews in the left hand menu
  • Click directly on the name of the interview you wish to edit

  • This will take you directly to that Interview's Details page. From here, click on Edit tab in the top right corner

  • From here you'll be able to make edits to this Interview. Use the tabs at the bottom of the screen to navigate between details of the interview. 

  • To save any changes, make sure to click Save at the bottom right of the page! 



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