How to Add or Change a Contact to Receive Applicant Packages

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Changing the contact that will receive applicant packages from your job posting can be done by editing your job.

However if you would like to add an additional or new contact to receive applicant packages, you'll first want to start by creating a new External Contact. If the contact is already found, you can skip this step these first few steps and go directly to editing your job.

  • To create this new contact under your company profile, click on Contacts in the left hand navigation bar.
  • From here, click on Add Contact in the right hand corner. 

  • Fill out the necessary information for this contact and click on Create Contact when finished. Please note that email, first name, and location are all required fields to fill out. 

  • This will add this contact into your company's external contacts on Handshake. Please note that this does not create a Handshake account for this staff member. It's simply creating their contact information within the system, sort of like an address book.

How to add a new contact to receive applicant packages on an existing job: 

  • Click on Jobs in the left hand navigation bar
  • Click directly on the name of the job you'd like to add a contact to. 

  • This will take you to this job's overview page. From here, click on Edit Details 

  • From here, click on the Preferences tab located at the bottom of the screen. Once you're on this page, scroll to the very bottom until you see Applicant Package Recipients. 

  • Click into the box that says "Choose recipient". From here, you'll see a populated list of a number of external contacts, however not every contact may be listed.
    • If you see the name of the contact, click directly on that contact's name to add them.
    • If you do not see the contact you are looking for, type the name directly into this search box to narrow down your search results 

  • If you're still not seeing the contact you'd like to add, click on Create a new contact. This will populate a window for you to add this contact. Once created, they should appear as a contact for you to select. 

  • Once your contact is added to the job posting, make sure to select the boxes that reflect how often this contact would like to receive applicant information. Once this is complete, click on Save in the bottom right hand corner to save these changes. 


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