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If your company doesn’t have a Handshake profile yet, you’ll first need to create one. To learn more, read this article.

Please note that once you have created the job, the schools you request to post it to will have to process the job posting. They may choose to approve or decline the posting. If you'd like to communicate with a particular school about your posting, please use this article for guidance: How to View Comments on a Job Posting

To post a job on Handshake:

  • Start by clicking Post a Job from your home dashboard, or clicking on Jobs in the left hand navigation bar and clicking Create Job in the top right hand corner. 



  • You will now be asked to complete 4 tabs in the posting. These include the job Basics, Details, Preferences, and Schools you'd like to post the position to. You also have an option to use the Preview tab to see what your posting will look like. 
  • All fields are required, save for the fields that state "(Optional)" next to the field name.
  • Helpful Tip: the more fields you complete, the more well defined your job posting will be (and the more likely you’ll be to attract well-qualified candidates and approvals from schools).

2. Let's start by going through Job Basics:

  • Where should students submit their application? 
    • If you have an external ATS, please select this option. You'll see a link appear below the Job Title where you can enter the ATS information:Screen_Shot_2019-10-24_at_12.10.45_PM.png
    • When you click on "+ add an ATS/job code", you'll see the fields appear for the optional System Code and required URL: Screen_Shot_2019-10-24_at_12.11.22_PM.png
  • Job Title
    • Fill in the appropriate title in this text field. 
  • Company Division
    • If your company has Divisions set up, you'll see that drop down menu appear right below job title. Make sure to select which division within your company you're hiring for. If you need help adding a division, check out this article here. 
  • Select if you want your name shown on the posting
  • Add a Job Type
  • Add an Employment Type & Duration
    • When selecting Temporary / Seasonal, you'll need to add both the start and end dates. 
  • Work Study Job
    • Please keep in mind that if this is a work study job, students that are not eligible for work study at their school will not be able to view or apply to this position.
      • This is only true for schools that choose to Enforce Work Study. This setting can be found under school settings by a Career Services User. 
      • At schools where they do not choose to Enforce Work Study, any students view and apply to work study jobs, but will be shown as not fully qualified. 


3. Once you're finished with Job Basics, choose Next along the bottom of your screen, or you can select the Details tab. 

  • Add a Description for your job
    • If you copy and paste a description from your own website, we'll retain all of the formatting for you
  • Choose Job Roles from the dropdown
    • This helps students search for jobs by their functional area
    • This is a list of 350 Job Role groups identified to help students better identify opportunities. You can read more on this here: About Job Roles
  • Add how many students you plan on hiring for this position. 
    • This does not affect your job in any way, but rather is used for historical, data, and tracking purposes. 
  • You can add a Job Salary if you'd like, however this is completely optional. 
    • You can also toggle the dropdown on the right between per year / per month / per hour, or mark the job as an unpaid position
  • Enter a location for your job
    • As you start typing the address, some suggestions will show up in the address field - you must select one rather than manually typing it in.
    • This can be a specific office location, or a general city like "Chicago, USA"
    • If this position is located in multiple locations you can select Add Another Location
    • If your job is in the United States, you'll see an additional "Eligibility for international students" section appear. We'll talk about that below.



  • Choosing a job location in the United States, will prompt a question: "Does this position require U.S. Work Authorization?" Choose yes or no as appropriate for your position.is_in_US_work_auth_y_n.png
    • If you do select "yes", you'll see the following questions appear: same_work_auth_questions_as_now.png
      • Select either of the options that appear, or read more about them with the additional links provided within the product

 Note: jobs that have already been posted prior to 8/8/19 will assume sponsorship is required, but allow the employer to edit that setting.

  • Finally, if you'd like for a student to submit documentation in Handshake, you can select documents to require students to submit with their application.
    • TIP: If you're having students apply via your Direct ATS and don't want them to apply in Handshake at all, we recommend not selecting any documents here. If checked, these documents will prompt an applicant to first apply with these in Handshake. 
4. Once you're finished with Job Details, select Next, or click directly on the Job Preferences tab
  • Note: none of the preferences you add to this page will block students from applying for your job. We will show you candidates that meet all of your preferences, and those who don't. You can learn more in our article on Job Preferences.
  • Also note: all of these preferences are completely optional.
  • Add a Graduation date range for your job by specifying the earliest and latest graduation date for qualified applicants
    • Prefer to qualify students by School Year - like Freshman, Sophomore, Junior? You can select the link below to toggle to that option instead.
  • Add a Minimum GPA value
  • Choose which Majors would make a student qualified for your job. This step is discussed in more detail below.
  • Finally, configure who should receive Applicant Packages, and with what frequency. We've also added additional details on this below


  • Setting up your Major Preferences
    • So by choosing "Computer Science", I am mapping my major preference to each schools' individual term for "Computer Science"
    • Even if it's name "Software Engineering" at a different school, it will still get bucketed into this major correctly
    • Note: these majors are consolidated across every school on Handshake.
    • Once you select a category (by clicking on the checkbox next to it), that category will expand to show the majors within it.
    • All majors within a category will be selected by default. But you can remove them by simply clicking on the major you'd like to remove.
    • In the image below, I've chosen to remove Agriculture Education and Health & Physical Education from the Education Major Category. I see that I've selected 8 of 10 majors.
    • If you know of a very specific major at a school that you'd like to choose instead of our mappings, choose the link at the bottom:

    • This will open up a modal to pick your school and major manually:

  • Setting up who should receive Applicant Packages
    • Email a summary - you'll receive one email once your job expires
    • Email every time - you'll get emails each time a new student applies. If you choose this option, you can then specify whether you want every student who applies, or only students who match all of your preferences (Eligibility for international students, grad date / year, GPA, and Major).
    • You'll see your name listed first. You can select (or remove) the following options:
    • You can also add other teammates to receive packages by choosing from the dropdown. If you haven't added them as a contact yet, there will be + add new contact at the bottom of the dropdown.

5. Once you're finished with Job Preferences, choose Next along the bottom of your screen. Next we'll go through School selection: 

  • Add schools using the dropdown, and you'll see them appear in the table below
    • Note: if your company has not been approved to post jobs at a school, you will not see that school as an option. If you have not been approved at any schools, you can still create this job and come back later to add schools. 
    • If you'd like to post this job to all schools you've been approved at, select "Add All Schools" at the top
  • Once you've added schools, you'll see a few options to manage them
    • Remove a school - The (-) to the left of each school allows you to remove it from the list
    • Interview on campus? - selecting this will simply flag this job on the school side, as an employer potentially interested in interviewing. To actually request an on campus interview, please see the relevant help article
    • Apply start date - you can choose if you'd like to block students from applying to your job until a specific date.
    • Expiration date - you can update the date that the job will expire at that school (and students will no longer be able to apply).
  • Adding a Global apply start date allows you to update the job start date for every school on your list (it will overwrite previously set start dates).
  • Adding a Global post expiration allows you to update the post expiration for every school on your list (it will overwrite previously set expiration dates).



6. Select Next or Preview on the bottom navigation to preview your job


If you're happy with how it looks, click Save in the lower right corner to save the job and send your posting out to schools to be reviewed. 

Tip: To see the application process from a students perspective please view: Apply for a Job in Handshake 

If you'd like to make sure your job is posted successfully, please refer to Confirming Your Job is Posted Successfully



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