School Network Management: Requesting, Adding, and Removing Schools

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With the growth of Handshake to over 600 schools, we understand how important it is to be able to manage your school connections efficiently, as well as discover new schools to connect with.

We are making it easier than ever to view and manage your selected schools (now, your Favorites!) through additional filters (Permissions, Ranking, Size, Region, and Specific Location), viewable on the left of the Schools page:



Permission to recruit at each school is maintained at a company-to-school level. This means:

  • If you add a school to your Favorites list that your company is already approved at, you'll automatically be able to recruit there. 
  • If you add a school your company has never requested to recruit at before, an approval request will go out to that school. You will need to wait until you are approved by the school to recruit there. 
  • If your company has already been declined at a school, you will not be able to recruit there unless the school changes your status to approved. 


How to Remove Schools

  • You can also now more easily remove schools from your favorites list as needed through a bulk action. Simply click the checkbox to the left of the school name, then click on Remove Selected in the top right of that area:

  • You’ll see a confirmation pop-up for the action, depending on how many schools were selected: 

Multiple schools: 



Individual school: 



Keep in mind, this will only affect your personal user account. Your employer (company profile) will still remain approved at this school. 


How to view all approved schools

You’ll also notice a tab for “Your Employer’s Schools” at the top of this page. This will include all schools that your company is approved at, as well as provide the option to add more schools to your favorites.

  • You can add schools one at a time by clicking on Add To Favorites to the far right of the school name, or you can add multiple schools by selecting the checkbox to the left of the school name, then clicking Add to Favorites in the top right:



How to request to connect with more schools

If you’d like to connect with more schools on Handshake, you’ll be able to click More Schools on Handshake, the third tab at the top of this page. On this tab, you’ll also be able to see schools that are currently pending connection with your company, as well as any schools that have previously declined to connect.

  • To request a new school, simply click on the gray Request button to the far right of the school name:


  • When you select request, you’ll see a confirmation popup, and you’ll need to click on the green “Request” button to complete the request:



View Comment History:

In the event that there are comments left either by you or Career Services, you’ll be able to see the count of comments on any of these tabs.

  • Simply click directly on the comment count to load the school page and see the comment history:


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