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With thousands of employers posting collegiate hire jobs on the platform, Handshake can be an incredibly powerful tool for your internship and job searches. Taking time to understand Handshake’s search functionality will help you identify the best jobs for you. This article will give you strategies and tips to help strengthen your search skills.

2 Minute Training: How to Search for Jobs


Start by clicking on Jobs and Internships on the left hand navigation bar. You will be taken to the Job Postings page.  From here, there are various options available to view available jobs and narrow your search. See below for more information.

  • To search for jobs using keywords, use the search box at the top of the page. Enter a few keywords and click Search


  • Another great way to search for jobs and internships is to use the filters and create a saved search. If you are looking for a summer internships in a specific city, you can set these as filters in your search! In this example, I have set Job Type = Internship and Location = Nashville, Tennessee.

  • To sort the job listings, use the drop down arrow next to Sort By: Relevancy button on top right hand corner. Click on the arrow. Select the basis for your sorted job list from the options provided.


  • As mentioned above, Handshake offers a variety of criteria to filter your search and create customizable search lists. Click on the drop down arrow just to the right of the criteria you’d like to filter. Options to select will appear. Select your options and click on Search at the top of the page. You may select as many options as you need.  Some criteria options, e.g. Label, Major, etc., are specific to your school and input by your career services center. 

  • To save a custom search, simply select your filter options and perform your search.  Click on Save these filters.  Enter the name and description of your search and click Save. It will now appear under My Saved Filters. To view jobs based on one of your saved lists, click on that list from My Saved Filters. To learn more about Saved Searches read How do I save a search?

2 Minute Training: How to Save a Search 


  • You can also create a filter for "Favorited Jobs". If you favorite a group of jobs, you can return to the list at any point by clicking "My Favorite Jobs":

  • From here, you can view your favorite jobs notifications:

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