Guide to Managing On-Campus Interviews (with Employers)

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Once your school has completed the steps to set-up On-Campus Interviews (OCIs), On-Campus Interviews System Setup and Workflow Guide, you’ll likely start receiving requests from Employers to interview on-campus. The information below will help you manage the workflows associated with those requests. 


There are two possible ways to generate an OCI in Handshake: 

  • An employer requests an OCI from their staff account
  • An employer requests that you create an OCI on their behalf
    • Tip: We recommend encouraging the employer to be self-sufficient when possible. Handshake is free to sign up for and use, and the employer taking these steps can also save you time! 

Each of these workflows is addressed below. 


Understanding the OCI Overview page

It's important to understand the overview page, so you can ensure your workflow is as efficient as possible.

To access the OCI overview page, click Interviews from the left menu column in Handshake. 



At the top of this page, you’ll have an option to filter on Career Center, if your school uses the distributed campus model. Click on EDIT THIS to see the other career center options. 

Immediately below, you’ll see the weekly room availability. You can use the pencil icon to adjust the number of available rooms per day. 

  • Tip: Not seeing the option to edit? Make sure you’re linked to the correct career center in your user settings, and then make sure you’re viewing the corresponding career center on this page! 

For more information on this workflow, please refer to Viewing Interview Schedules by Career Center.



Below this section is where you will see your interview schedule management options. 


  • Use the search bar to search by employer name or OCI name. The search will only search results on the existing status page, so make sure you change the status as needed to display accurate results! 
  • To the far right in that row, you’ll be able to download an overview of the interview schedules that are checked (put a check to the left of the OCI name to select it). 
  • Use the blue button for Create Interview Schedule if you’d like to create a schedule on behalf of an employer. (Scroll down to the section Building a schedule on an employer’s behalf for more information!)
  • When viewing the list of existing schedules, you’ll see basic OCI information, including the employer’s name, the name of the interview schedule, the interview schedule date, and the type of schedule requested. 
    • Click on the name of any OCI to view the schedule details.
  • Use the filters to narrow down the displayed results.


Managing employer requested schedules 

When an employer requests an OCI, you’ll see the request appear in the Requests tab of the OCI overview page. You will also see a number to the right of the word “Interviews” in the left menu column; this indicates the number of pending requested schedules. 

  • Tip: Seeing a number but no pending OCIs when you click into the overview? This indicates that the interview schedule date has passed without being approved or declined. You can use the date filters to include past schedules, then decline accordingly. 

From the overview page, you can quickly approve or decline the schedule using the options in the row, to the right of the page. 



Click on the name of any OCI to view schedule details. This will open in a new page. 

At the top of the page, you’ll see the option to Follow Interview Schedule. This is helpful if you’d like to receive notifications about changes (such as status updates). 



You’ll also be able to approve the OCI from this page, by clicking on Approve, or Approve and Build Schedule, if you’re ready to take that step. 



If you choose to Approve and Build Schedule, you’ll see the pop-up below appear. You can select the room assignment and slot template to build, then click Build to save changes.



Below this section, you’ll see the room assignment and slot management section. You can also apply the requested slot template from this section. Attached job(s) are listed at the bottom of the page. 



Once you have assigned a room and built out the slots, you’ll see details appear in this same section.



  • Slots can be edited in bulk to assign a specific room, job, interviewer, and more. Simply put a check to the left of the desired slots (check next to the Room Name to select all slots within the room), then click on Bulk Edit. 
    • The popup will appear, and you can change desired details there. Be sure to save in the lower right corner! 
  • If you’d prefer to change details for only a particular slot, click on the desired slot. You’ll see a similar pop-up appear, only with slightly different options (such as the ability to assign an applicant to the slot). 
    • Tip: If there are multiple jobs on one schedule, you can assign an individual job to slots, and only applicants on that job will be able to take those slots. 


For more information on the Actions on the left of the page, see Actions Within an Interview Schedule.

Building a schedule on an employer’s behalf

For information about this process, please see Posting an Interview Schedule on Behalf of an Employer



Additional Resources

Check out the links below for more advanced workflows! 

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