Handshake’s Virtual Career Fair: FAQs

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Answers to common questions about Handshake's virtual career fair platform, set to launch in July 2020.

This post will be updated with additional answers to frequently asked questions over the coming weeks. You can also learn more about our virtual career fair plans and register for our upcoming virtual career fair product demonstration webinar.


Will Handshake’s virtual career fair functionality be fee-based or free?

Virtual fairs will be free for the Fall 2020 semester. Depending on what we learn over the course of the semester about video and other tools, we might have to introduce an incremental cost to cover video or other technology after the Fall 2020 semester.

How will registration fees work if the price gets reduced due to a move to a virtual fair?

You will be able to apply discounts to registrations, as you can in the existing career fairs module. Although we don’t know exactly what this will look like in the product interface yet, we can confirm that you will have control over price variance around fairs.

Fair Administration

How will we transition existing employer fair registrations to virtual fair registrations? 

In the coming weeks, it will be possible to migrate current employer registrations into a virtual fair option in Handshake (and vice versa). Any employer registrations you’ve already collected for your fall fairs can be converted to virtual, so you won’t need to reregister anyone. At that time, we will also allow you to collect subsequent virtual fair registrations without having to do any conversions.We’ll send instructions as soon as the feature is live.

How will students check into the virtual career fair?

We’re building a virtual check-in feature. When students join the fair they will be prompted to check in. There will also be tracking for students that attend specific employer sessions.

Will this feature still work with your payment integrations (Stripe, Touchnet, Cashnet)? Will we need to do anything differently for payments and invoicing?

All existing payment integrations will be supported and payments in general will function the same as they do in career fairs today.

Will these new features be connected into Handshake Analytics?

Data on virtual fair success will be available to universities. Our first priority for reports will be usage, so that will mean reports on the number of sessions (1:1 and group) and the number of students registered for those sessions.

Will people from the University town/city be able to attend virtual career fairs, even if they aren’t students of the University?

Students will be required to have a Handshake account to participate in virtual fairs. Handshake Open students will have access to all career fairs marked as ‘Public’.

Can we support graduate school, volunteer opportunities, and student organizations through your virtual fair solution? 

If these types of organizations have Handshake profiles and job postings then yes, you can support these types of events in Handshake. Keep in mind that the language will be the same for fairs and we will not be creating specific fair types for graduate school, volunteer or student organizations. 


Will you have chat functionality?

Text based chat will also be available to support all students and as a fall-back for any technical trouble with video.

What devices will be supported?

All modern mobile web browsers will be supported, so students can use their computers or mobile devices with the same functionality.


Can all employers attend my virtual fair?

All employers can attend and engage with students at a virtual fair when invited by a university, subject to university attendance fees. There will be no Handshake charge to attend a university event and we will not gate any employers from access to a school. There will still be an ability for you as a university to charge employers for fairs via Handshake, as before with physical fairs.

For our premium employers, we may provide additional tools to help them manage their own virtual events across many schools at once, tie event attendance into their workflows, and for better ways for them to engage their employee population beyond recruiters. All of that is still under discussion.

That said our premium employer tools have always been built around a few core principles: (a) never charge for job postings or event attendance, (b) never charge for access to an individual school. So, we would never charge for basic attendance at a university event or access to a school.

Other vendors cap the number of employers who can sign up for a career fair—will Handshake have a maximum number of employers that you can support?

Handshake doesn’t have plans to cap the number of employers in attendance at this time, but universities will have the option to control the number of employers that are approved as registrants.

Has Handshake thought of how the virtual fair features will accommodate needs of small local employers as well as larger employers?

Scheduling will honor employer preferences. For smaller and local employers we will recommend group sessions to reach as many students as possible. A large employer may have the resources to send multiple representatives that can create 1:1 availability throughout the day.

Do all employers need to set up the time slots for 1:1 appointments with students?

Handshake will provide templates for employer schedules, but each employer will have the opportunity to adjust this based on their preferences.

Can employers customize the way their booth looks with logos, etc? 

Employers will be able to customize their registrations (booths) similarly to how they customize their Handshake profiles today. We are considering pre-recorded videos as another branding mechanism for employers registrations.

Will there be an opportunity for a company to host something on the departmental level?  For example, a company that may hire engineers primarily, but also might have a marketing department booth, and an HR booth, and a business analyst booth, etc. 

Yes, employers will be able to set schedules per representative and connect those schedules to relevant positions and preferences.


Will interview days be integrated into the virtual career fair experience?

Scheduling will be a part of virtual fairs! These schedules will support 1:1 and group interactions.

Will your virtual fair have the option to do an interview day with pre-selects?

Pre-select interviews on the day after the fair will not be built into the virtual fair feature. However, you will be able to create a pre-select interview separate from the virtual fair, just like you can do with in-person fairs today.

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