How to Send a Student a Message

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Would you like to connect with a student about a possible job or internship at your company? To find students view: How do I search for students 

 Troubleshooting Note: New employers with a Trust Score of N/A or lower than 80 will not be able to message students. This is to ensure that students are contacted by trusted employers via Handshake. You can read more here: Why Can't I Message Students?

Please note: Companies can contact up to 100 students per recruiting season. Recruiting seasons happen twice a year: the first is from January 1st - June 30th and then second season is from July 1st - December 31st. 

Once you are ready to message a student:

  1. Click on the small conversation bubbles next to the student's name you'd like to reach out to

  2. Or, Click on their name from the search results
  3. Scroll down to the actions section of the student profile
  4. Click Send a MessageScreen_Shot_2017-10-03_at_1.29.33_PM.png
  5. Format your message, add images or links to a posting at your company and click Send when you are ready!

To view your sent messages click the Message icon located in the stop search bar. 
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